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Privacy & Terms

Privacy – Fair Processing Notice

RoboBraille is developed and operated by Sensus. Use of RoboBraille does not require users to sign up for the service, and Sensus does not collect personal information from users.

The RoboBraille document conversion process is entirely automated with no human interaction. Source documents are received on the RoboBraille reception server, processed by one or more processing agents, and the result returned to the user in an email. The source document is subsequently deleted from the servers. Target documents, available through coded links, are kepts on RoboBraille delivery servers for up to seven days and then deleted.

Communication between service web forms and the back-end reception server may be open or encrypted via SSL.

RoboBraille does not use cookies to track, collect or store users or user preferences. RoboBraille uses cookies only to manage anonymous session data.

Anonymised transaction records are kept by Sensus for statistical and managerial purposes. 

The RoboBraille service is hosted on servers in Sensus’ own data center in Denmark. The facility is monitored and access restricted to authorised staff. All servers are installed with state-of-the-art malware protection and patched to the latest security level. Conversion requests submitted through email may be caught, processed and stored in spam filtres and other malware-protection systems. 


The RoboBraille service is provided by Sensus on a purely “as is” basis. Sensus will not assume any responsibility for direct and/or indirect losses related to the use of the service. The service provider assumes that users have adequate rights to any document submitted to the service. The service provider further assumes that users use the service in accordance with the terms set out on this web site.

RoboBraille is available free of charge to individual users for strictly personal, non-commercial use. Institutional use of the service requires a service agreement with Sensus. Users affiliated with an institutional setting (academic institution, organisation, association or similar) obligated to provide support constitute institutional rather than individual users. Furthermore, organised instruction of students, clients, employees, members, alumni and others on how to use the service constitutes institutional use. Institutional users such as academic institutions, organisations, associations and similar who wish to make the service freely available as an accommodation and/or through customised interfaces to its students, clients, employees, members, alumni and others, should contact Sensus at for a service agreement.

Commercial use of the service, such as reselling material produced by the service as well as institutional use of the service without a proper service agreement, is strictly prohibited. Academic institutions, who wish to offer the service as an official accommodation, should enter a service agreement with Sensus for institutional use. Organised instruction of students and others on how to use the service constitutes institutional use. Legal action will be taken in case of misuse and/or violation of the terms set out on this web site.