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Over the years, many organisations from many countries have been involved in RoboBraille. As a RoboBraille partner, you may represent RoboBraille in your country, offering end-user support and disseminating information about the service. You may also want teach users to take advantage of RoboBraille or to use RoboBraille as part of the services offered by your organisation. Or  you may want to conduct research on how RoboBraille is used to promote self-sufficiency, integration and inclusion.

As a RoboBraille partner, you join an international network of organisations and individuals specialising in mainstream and special education, rehabilitation and disability services. Partners are invited to co-author papers and join new projects on a regular basis. The paper below outlines the roles and responsibilities of partners in a RoboBraille project.

Feel free to contact the RoboBraille team on if you are interested in becoming a RoboBraille partner.