RoboBraille e-learning course

Welcome to the RoboBraille e-learning course. The e-learning course is designed to take you through the RoboBraille service. It also teaches you how to use RoboBraille to convert a variety of documents into alternative formats such as audio books, e-books, digital large-print and Braille.

English version

Module 1: Introduction to the e-learning course

Module 2: Introduction to RoboBraille

Module 3: Producing simple MP3 files

Module 4: Converting inaccessible or tricky documents

Module 5: Producing simple e-books

Module 6: Design and creating accessible documents

Module 7: Producing advanced e-books

Module 8: Producing DAISY books

Module 9: Producing Braille

Czech version

Introduction to RoboBraille

Hungarian version

Introduction to RoboBraille

Slovak version

Introduction to RoboBraille