Updated web interface and new functionality in RoboBraille

Danish countryside on the day of the update

The main web interface to RoboBraille was updated on Monday, June 30, 2015. The update adds several new functions to the service, including:

  • Multi-file upload. Multiple files of the same file type can now be uploaded using the web form. Press CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) to select multiple files in the file upload dialog to select multiple files for upload. The files must be of the same type and will all be converted to the same target format.
  • EPUB3 with media overlay. RoboBraille can now be used to create reflowable e-books in EPUB3 format with media overlay. E-books with media overlay resemble structured audio books in DAISY format with synchronised text and audio, but do not require a DAISY player. So far, e-books with media overlay have been tested successfully with the free Readium for Chrome ebook reader. The new EPUB3 with Media Overlay option can be found amongst the e-book target formats. 
  • The file size limitation has been changed from 32 MB to 64 MB to allow for upload of bigger files. When uploading multiple files, the file size limitation applies to each file rather than to the combined size.

In addition, naming convensions have been streamlined across the form and several bugs were fixed. On the server side, several core components were updated to the last version, including the converters used for Office-to-PDF conversion, e-book conversion and DAISY conversion.