RoboBraille speaks Greenlandic

Alternative hyphenation of Danish text in Greenland

The new Greenlandic voice has now been added to the RoboBraille service, making it possible to convert a wide range of Greenlandic documents into mp3 files. The new functionality is available through the main RoboBraille web interface.

The development of the Greenlandic voice is part of a three-year project that also includes localisation and implementation of the RoboBraille alternate media service and the Biblus digital library in Greenland, development of teacher training courses on alternative media and technology for students with special needs, and assistance in establishing a Greenlandic IT-backpack. The project is implemented in collaboration with the Government of Greenland and local partners in Greenland, and is funded by the VELUX Foundations. More details about the project can be found at where it is also possible to download the voice for local use.