Four New Lithuanian Voices in RoboBraille

Logo of the LIEPA project

The RoboBraille Team is happy to annouce that four new high-quality Lithuanian voices has been added to the service. The voices replace an older Lithuanian voice in RoboBraille.

The new voices have been developed as part of the project LIEPA (Services Controlled by Lithuanian Voice), funded by the European Structural Funds. The project was conducted by Vilnius University and partners from 2013 to 2015 with an aim to enable people and computers to communicate by Lithuanian voice. To achieve this, three infrastructural services (Lithuanian speech synthesizer, recognizer and speech corpus) and seven services for various customers (children, adults, the disabled and the blind) were developed.

All products and services created during the project are freely available on the project website (, e.g., synthesizer voices can be tested atškotuvas/Teksto-sintezatorius. Besides, all products can be downloaded and installed on your computer free of charge, e.g., the entire synthesizer can be downloaded fromūrinės-paslaugos/elektroninio-teksto-skaitytuvas/7563 and the version adapted for the blind from

The project LIEPA team is interested in the widest possible usage of the synthesizer they have created and will be glad to assist for those who wish to take advantage of it. You can refer to the head of the project LIEPA prof. Habil. Dr. Laimutis Telksnys ( or directly to the synthesis group leader Dr. Pijus Kasparaitis (

So, from now on, the following four new Lithuanian voices are available: young female Aiste, older female Regina, young male Edvardas and older male Vladas. Voices are available through RoboBraille web service at or directly via e-mail,, or Enjoy the new Lithuanian voices.